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Car buyers want to see professional-quality photos. Sure, the first photo might look okay, but the rest don't—unless you move the vehicle ten times as you shoot. STOP moving vehicles, and always have a constant background clear of other cars, trash cans, light poles and people sitting in chairs in the showroom. 360Booth's new photo booth studio for Automotive dealers moves around the vehicle 360 degrees—so you don't have to.

Contact 360Booth to see the first patented car dealer photo studio solution. Nothing but space, vehicles and a camera is needed. You may think you do not have the room, but let our 360Booth designer come visit with you and walk your space to show you where you should place your studio.”

Be Real

Don't be fooled into thinking that your customers would like fake backgrounds. Build a real brand at your store by showing your customers that your store will go to great lengths to make your vehicle photos stand tall and look real, shot in a showroom studio-like setting. Fake backgrounds on your photos in a car photo studio will only do and say one thing about your inventory photos. You're hiding something. Don't hide behind fake backgrounds.

Save Money and Time

Save money, time and shoot more vehicles with 360Booth's new Photo Booth Studio for auto dealers. What your GM and store's owner don't know is that their photographers or photo services at the dealer are waisting huge amounts of time taking inferior photos staging vehicles on a flat walls, in front of the dealer or in front of bushes and trees. What are you guys selling? cars or backgrounds?

Studio Quality Solution

360Booth has the hottest and simplest studio quality auto photo booth solution available for automotive dealers. Not only will this solution give you the professional looking photos you have been looking for, but every photo will have your dealer's logo, corporate brand and identity.

Call 360Booth today: (800) 376-3796.


What Others Say


  • We searched for different types of booths and tried all kinds of lighting equipment in an effort to make our new & used vehicles stand out on the internet with little or no success; UNTIL, we discovered the 360Booth. We have had the 360Booth installed at our store for almost 3-years now and it has made a huge difference. The owner (Jay) is an outstanding person and the entire staff at 360Booth are at the top of their game regarding customer service and following up to ensure you are completely satisfied. They definitely would have received a 100% if they had sent us a CSI Survey. Absolutely one of the best investments we have ever made at the dealership. Also, the booth can be used for so many other purposes such as staging customer deliveries, staff photos, videos, and we even use it as our television studio to film our commercials. The lighting is fantastic! I highly recommend this amazing product and would be more than happy to speak with you in person further if you should have any questions or concerns about purchasing a 360Booth.

    Thank you 360Booth for developing such an awesome product!

    —Todd Lochner, General Manager, Principle Toyota in Memphis

  • This is a high-quality piece of hardware. Mike was the lone-ranger on the install and he did a great job. That guy works hard! If you're ready to up your Vehicle Merchandising then 360Booth is the right solution.

    We partnered with AutosOnVideo.com for their Full-Motion Video, 360 Video, and Photo App. Using our 360Booth and the AOV app. We get it all done in less than 10 minutes per vehicle.

    This is not brain surgery we are getting it done!

    Thank you 360Booth for developing such an awesome product!

    —Tony Thorstad, Smart Motors Toyota, Madison, Wisconsin

  • When I started searching for photo booths it became very clear to me which booth was going to be the best. After some initial phone calls with Darla who was great to work with Jay the owner of 360 Booth flew up and measured out the area we wanted to use. With limited space and a fairly low ceiling height Jay made it work. The install went nice and smooth and his team were great to work with, all very knowledgeable and all had experience photographing cars. There is no doubt in mind that this is the best , easiest to use photo booth out there. The training of my team was great and the spent a lot of time going thru it. If you are considering a photo booth call 360 Booth you will not be sorry.

    —Rick Trottier, General Manager, Peters Honda of Nashua

  • The customer service from Jay, Darla and the team could not be better in the industry! We have 87% of our entire 2k NEW and USED vehicle inventory online with a full set of 360Booth images. They are amazing! 4 months in a we are chasing down the ROI in a hurry!

    —Michael Reese, Bremerton, WA

  • Best investment a dealer can make, without a doubt!

    —Andrew Compton

  • Customer service, professionalism, accuracy, enthusiasm and precision are features and qualities that rarely found within one business or team...That is 360 Booth. I can not thank Jay, Darla and Phil enough for the great product and service they delivered and still delivering to us and to the Automotive Photography. Also: stunning, amazing, thrilling...etc. are very few words to describe the product. Our 26' 360Booth was installed in 2.5 days and Phil did the best job possible. Too bad our tile is on special order and so are the logos, but once all done we will post pictures so everyone knows what I am talking about...

    360Booth team, please keep the good work going, I was very happy to meet Jay, I think we booth speak the same Automotive Photography language, what a pleasure...Thank you all.

    —Adel N Angi

  • Our new photo booth is installed! Jay's team was on time and the install was very tidy. We built a new facility and 360Booth worked with us from planning to install. Sometimes new builds can see delays and 360Booth were on standby waiting for us to call. When we were ready for the install, they reacted quickly. Being in Canada, we also found they were helpful regarding customs/shipping/importing. We look forward to putting our new booth into action!

    —Drive Muskoka, Ontario

  • We found Jay's 360Booth at the NADA Convention in January. We were looking for a way to get a major lift in our used car business this year and thought this tool would help us...we bought our first one and now have it installed. Jay and Darla have delivered beyond our expectations on customer service, proactive communication, product quality, meeting deadlines, and support and training. They did exactly what they said they would do, and more. A pleasure doing business with them...There is no doubt the photobooth's exclusivity will give us the lift we planned for in our marketplace. Thank you. We look forward to the day we buy our next one.

    —Brian Ewald, Ewald Automotive Group

  • Thank you Jay and the entire team at 360Booth!! They were amazing to work with! I've wanted a photo booth at our Dealership for 7+ years and they delivered in 3-days! They made it simple, easy and productive! We shoot 40+ vehicles a day and it even fits a dually truck! Best in the Business! Thanks again!

    —Michael Reese

  • Truly a state of the art photo booth! We have customers asking to photograph their own vehicles in our booth. Flawless installation and meets expectations in every possible way. Key advantages are exceptional lighting. After years of trying to get even lighting in all shots we have achieved nirvana.

    —Roger James Malley, Richfield, Minnesota

  • We ordered the 360 Booth for delivery and setup in Atlantic Canada. The transaction could not have gone better. Ordering was easy and we were in constant contact, being provided any information we required. The Booth showed up exactly as promised and the installer came and finished the setup exactly as promised. We are absolutely delighted with the 360 Booth!

    —John F Smith, Atlantic Mazda

  • We saw the product at the Digital Dealer Conference 2 years ago and knew if was something that would work with our process. We dealt directly with owner of the company who flew to Charleston to personally make sure it fit our future location. They sent the booth 2 weeks later and had it built in 2 days. After it was built my photo team got 1 on 1 training on how to properly maintain and use the booth. We are excited to see the results! Thanks Jay!

    —Michael Dangerfield, Automaxx of the Carolinas

  • Jay and team were excellent to deal with. The communication and installation were seamless. This photo booth is amazing! Our inventory has never looked better. I would highly recommend 360 Booth to anyone looking to improve their merchandising.

    —Chris O'Neill, Huggard & Ewing Automotive Sales & Service

  • We had a booth installed at Ferrari Maserati of Palm Beach. Photos turn out very professional and flawless. Ferrari has high standards and we were able to achieve perfection thanks to the booth!

    —Noelle Miskulin Youmans, Ferrari Maserati of Palm Beach

  • This was one of the best investments I made when building my new facility. Everyone I show it to is impressed!

    —Leo Portaluppi, Chevrolet of Columbus

  • Our dealerships have loved how the booth has increased our efficiency and photo quality. We experienced timely, professional and quality service throughout our interactions.

    —Meagan Richards-Bence, Haselwood Auto Group, Bremerton WA

  • 360 booth is a fantastic product and I strongly recommend it. Jay is wonderful to deal with as well.

    —George Katsikas

  • What a difference the 360booth makes with our photos. Best investment we have made.

    —Mark Hebert, Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Great communication, speedy installation, and fantastic product!

    —Todd Bondy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • We saw the product at the Digital Dealer Conference 2 years ago and knew if was something that would work with our process. We dealt directly with owner of the company who flew to Charleston to personally make sure it fit our future location. They sent the booth 2 weeks later and had it built in 2 days. After it was built my photo team got 1 on 1 training on how to properly maintain and use the booth. We are excited to see the results! Thanks Jay!

    —Michael Dangerfield, Summerville, South Carolina

  • The booth is much more than I expected. The way your installer, Mike, showed us how to take away the shadows, a previous major concern without moving the vehicle we were shooting, is going to be a big time saver for us. The flooring is incredible and is going to be a big time saver as well. I can’t wait to not have to mop our old tile floor as well as not to have to move the vehicles around 3 times. The difference in the photos from our old way is like night and day... Thanks for simplifying my life at work Jay.

    —Tom F, Ohio

  • It's best to have the actual photo online instead of the generic stock photo for the used cars especially. ...Some of the photos you shoot, you can really show the car to where they can see there's no imperfections. You have the nice, quality photo, and you don't have all of the outside interference.

    —Ben Z, Kansas

  • I am extremely satisfied with the 360 booth. From start to finish they were easy to deal with, and made every deadline as promised! The photo quality is amazing!

    —Mark Johnson, Shreveport, Louisiana

  • Just finished getting the 26 foot booth installed yesterday and put it to good use already. The quality of the booth and how easy it is to use is unbelievable! Mike did a great job on the install, highly recommend 360 Booth!

    —Phillip Currie, Digital Marketing Specialist,Township Chevrolet Buick GMC of Summerside PE


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360Booth Global domination continues.

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We are absolutely delighted with the 360 Booth!

We ordered the 360 Booth for delivery and setup in Atlantic Canada.

Knowledge of digitally marketing used cars on line was incomparable

We found Jay's 360Booth at the NADA Convention in January. We were looking for a way to get a major lift in our used car business this year and thought this tool would help us.

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Did you know that 95% of dealers that say they don't have space for 360Booth during phone consultation go on to purchase our vehicle photo studio after a visit from a 360Booth designer?

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