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Car buyers want to see professional-quality photos. Sure, the first photo might look okay, but the rest don't—unless you move the vehicle ten times as you shoot. STOP moving vehicles, and always have a constant background clear of other cars, trash cans, light poles and people sitting in chairs in the showroom. 360Booth's new photo booth studio for Automotive dealers moves around the vehicle 360 degrees—so you don't have to.

Contact 360Booth to see the first patented car dealer photo studio solution. Nothing but space, vehicles and a camera is needed. You may think you do not have the room, but let our 360Booth designer come visit with you and walk your space to show you where you should place your studio.”

Be Real

Don't be fooled into thinking that your customers would like fake backgrounds. Build a real brand at your store by showing your customers that your store will go to great lengths to make your vehicle photos stand tall and look real, shot in a showroom studio-like setting. Fake backgrounds on your photos in a car photo studio will only do and say one thing about your inventory photos. You're hiding something. Don't hide behind fake backgrounds.

Save Money and Time

Save money, time and shoot more more vehicles with 360Booth's new Photo Booth Studio for auto dealers. What your GM and store's owner don't know is that their photographers or photo services at the dealer are waisting huge amounts of time taking inferior photos staging vehicles on a flat walls, in front of the dealer or in front of bushes and trees. What are you guys selling? cars or backgrounds?

Studio Quality Solution

360Booth has the hottest and simplest studio quality auto photo booth solution available for automotive dealers. Not only will this solution give you the professional looking photos you have been looking for, but every photo will have your dealer's logo, corporate brand and identity.

Call 360Booth today: (800) 376-3796.


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  • Truly a state of the art photo booth! We have customers asking to photograph their own vehicles in our booth. Flawless installation and meets expectations in every possible way. Key advantages are exceptional lighting. After years of trying to get even lighting in all shots we have achieved nirvana.

    —Roger James Malley, Richfield, Minnesota

  • We saw the product at the Digital Dealer Conference 2 years ago and knew if was something that would work with our process. We dealt directly with owner of the company who flew to Charleston to personally make sure it fit our future location. They sent the booth 2 weeks later and had it built in 2 days. After it was built my photo team got 1 on 1 training on how to properly maintain and use the booth. We are excited to see the results! Thanks Jay!

    —Michael Dangerfield, Summerville, South Carolina

  • The booth is much more than I expected. The way your installer, Mike, showed us how to take away the shadows, a previous major concern without moving the vehicle we were shooting, is going to be a big time saver for us. The flooring is incredible and is going to be a big time saver as well. I can’t wait to not have to mop our old tile floor as well as not to have to move the vehicles around 3 times. The difference in the photos from our old way is like night and day... Thanks for simplifying my life at work Jay.

    —Tom F, Ohio

  • It's best to have the actual photo online instead of the generic stock photo for the used cars especially. ...Some of the photos you shoot, you can really show the car to where they can see there's no imperfections. You have the nice, quality photo, and you don't have all of the outside interference.

    —Ben Z, Kansas


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