Dealerships and 360Booth Photo Studio 

Dealerships and 360Booth Photo Studio 

The biggest benefit car dealerships can achieve with views to their website and sales for using a 360Booth vehicle photo studio is the ability to provide their customers with a more immersive and informative car buying experience. 360Booth photos allow customers to...
Benefits of Using 360Booth

Benefits of Using 360Booth

360Booth is a vehicle photo studio that has been in the business for over 10 years. During that time, they have installed over 1,400 studios in six countries. They are known for their high-quality products, ease of use, and unmatched customer support.

It's all about the install.

Who designed 360Booth?
Have you installed any of the booths yourself?
Have you packed the studios for shipment yourself?
Have you built them yourself?
Did you ship and install them yourself?
How many times have you done the entire process yourself?
When do you and your team usually arrive at my store?
What do you do on the first day?
When will you deliver the finished, installed studio to me?
Who needs to attend training on the 360Booth?
How long does it usually take to train photographers?
What if the training at the installation doesn’t take?
Will it cost me to have you fly in again and re-train?

How soon can I get my studio installed and what's the flow?

How soon can I get my studio installed?
What is the installation flow?
Do you visit my store?
What do you do when you visit my store?
Will you recap your visit with me?
Will we review pricing?
Will I need to remove or adjust anything?
How do I order a 360Booth?
How much do I have to put down up front before you set an installation date?
When do you ship out prior to the installation?
What day of the week do you usually start an install?
Will you train me on the studio as part of the installation?

How do you replace the light if it goes out?

How do you replace a light if one goes out?
How many lights have you installed?
What might cause a light to dim or go out?
Should I call you if a light goes out?
Will you overnight replacement lights?
What will overnighting the lights cost me?
Are replacing the lights under the warranty?
How long is your warranty?
How many studios do you have?
How long did it take for you to reach that number?

What's the difference between you and a turntable?

What’s the difference between you and a turntable?
Have you read our material?
How do you move the 360Booth?
What if I already have a turntable?
Can I still use the studio if I already have a turntable?
Why do I need your studio if I already have a turntable?
Can I direct the light in the studio to where I want it?
Can you install 360Booth around my turntable?