Lights outside your 360Booth vehicle photo studio

Do your lights in your existing space or around the space or in your building need to be turned off during shooting photo in your 360Booth?

There are a couple of ways to handle that. First of all, we evaluate your space at no cost. While on site, we will make recommendations on what lights have to be turned off or removed. Usually, we focus strictly on lights above the cloth top. In some cases, you’ll only see that in other people’s booths or studios because they don’t have a cloth top to shield the lights reflecting on the top of the car.

So, to answer your questions, you don’t have to shut them all off. We don’t want you to do that. It’s a hazard with dim lights in working areas, for one, but the ones directly above the cylinder of the studio, yes. We would like those turned off. They’re not the right color temperature, and they will cause issues inside the studio.

Should I Use AI for My Car Photos?

Should I Use AI for My Car Photos?

You’re right, car dealerships are increasingly using AI segmentation technology to replace backgrounds in their vehicle photos for online sales. While this technology boasts some advantages, it’s not without its drawbacks of looking fake, hurting sales. Let’s delve into the positives and negatives,


  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: By swapping out dull or distracting backgrounds for AI generated ones, dealerships can create more visually appealing photos that temporarily grab attention and make the vehicle appear more desirable with the use of fake backgrounds.
  • Flexibility and Control: With AI, dealerships have greater control over the final image. They can choose from a wide range of pre-made fake backgrounds or even create their own custom scenes, tailoring the environment to the specific vehicle and target audience.
Car with an AI background


  • Unrealistic Representation: The biggest concern, as you can imagine, is the potential for inaccurate rendering. If the vehicle isn’t seamlessly integrated into the background, it can appear fake and undermine trust with potential buyers. (Think of a car hovering awkwardly above the ground or casting bizarre shadows.)
  • Technical Challenges: Implementing and using AI background replacement effectively requires technical expertise and high-quality software. Inexperienced users or outdated software can lead to glitches and unnatural-looking results.
  • Over-reliance on Technology: While AI can be a valuable tool, it shouldn’t replace professional photography skills and attention to detail. Focusing solely on flashy fake backgrounds without capturing the vehicle’s true features and condition can backfire.
  • Potential Legal Issues: In some regions, there might be legal concerns about misrepresenting the actual location or condition of the vehicle using manipulated photos. Transparency and clear disclosures are crucial to avoid legal hassles.


Overall, AI fake background replacement technology has more drawbacks than benefits for car dealerships. While it can enhance visual appeal temporarily, and provide some flexibility, it’s important to use it responsibly and prioritize accurate representation over flashy fake effects. Remember, TRUST and TRANSPARENCY are key in the car buying process, and MANIPULATED fake background photos can quickly erode that trust.

Real photography in a 360Booth car photo studio.

Accurate, real photography in a 360Booth car photo studio.

The Impact of Branding with High-Quality Photos

The Impact of Branding with High-Quality Photos

Importance of High-Quality Photos:

  • eBay study: Found that listings with professional photos received 47% more views, 34% more bids, and sold for 19% more on average.
  • BigCommerce study: Products with high-quality photos saw a 21% increase in conversion rates compared to those with low-quality photos.
  • Bazaarvoice study: 75% of consumers consider product images the most important factor in their online purchasing decisions.

Importance of Branding:

  • Cone Digital study: Branded content receives 46% higher search engine results page (SERP) click-through rates.
  • Sprout Social study: 59% of consumers say brand consistency across channels is important in their purchase decisions.
  • Marketing Land study: Consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23%.

Specifics on Branded Vehicle Photos:

  • Dealer Teamwork found: Listings with dealership logos in photos received 21% more views and 37% more leads.
  • Cox Automotive study: Vehicles photographed with branded backdrops sold 17% faster than those with generic backgrounds.
  • TrueCar study: Cars with consistent and prominent branding in photos had a 10% higher average selling price.

Reasons for Increased Sales:

  • Professional photos: Attract more attention, inspire trust, and showcase the vehicle’s condition more accurately.
  • Consistent branding: Builds brand recognition, fosters trust, and creates a memorable customer experience.
  • Dealership logos: Offer reassurance and build trust with potential buyers, especially for online purchases.
  • Branded backgrounds: Create a cohesive look, enhance professionalism, and further solidify brand identity.


  • High-quality photos are essential, but they’re not the only factor influencing sales. Price, condition, and vehicle details also play a crucial role.
  • Branding should be subtle and tasteful, avoiding overwhelming the viewer or obscuring the vehicle itself.
  • A/B testing different photo styles and branding elements can help you identify the most effective approach for your target audience.

Overall, the evidence strongly suggests that investing in professional photos and incorporating your brand identity into your vehicle photography can significantly increase online engagement, build TRUST, and ultimately lead to HIGHER CAR SALES.

What Are the Advantages of 360Booth?

What Are the Advantages of 360Booth?

A potential customer recently asked us, “why would we choose 360Booth over the competition? Curious to know what makes you stand out.”

Here are just a few of the things that set us apart:

  • Over 10 years of experience: We have been in the business for over 10 years, and we have a proven track record of providing dealerships with high-quality photos that sell cars.
  • Over 1,400 satisfied dealerships: We have worked with over 1,400 dealerships, and we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating.
  • Longest lasting lights in the industry: Our lights are designed to last for up to 50,000 hours, which means you won’t have to worry about replacing them. 
  • Over six countries of happy dealerships: We have dealerships in over six countries, so we understand the needs of dealerships around the world.
  • More than one studio in every state in America: We have studios in every state in America, so we can easily accommodate your schedule.
  • Only photo studio that attends SEMA: We are the only photo studio that attends SEMA, the world’s largest automotive trade show. This gives us access to the latest trends and technologies in vehicle photography.
  • Only patented photo studio: We are the only photo studio that has a patent. This means that our photos are truly unique and stand out from the competition.
  • Zero failures in 10 years: We have never had a failure in 10 years. This means that you can be confident that your photos will be delivered on time and on budget. Our warranty is 5 years unconditional. If any part should fail it’s provided to you at no cost for 5 years. Turntables in our competitor’s studios offer 12 months parts. 

We understand that you may be considering different solutions to get your vehicle photos taken. However, there are a number of advantages to using our studio instead of other options:

  • Control
  • Expertise
  • Technology

If you are looking for the best possible photos for your dealership, then we encourage you to contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and create a photo shoot that will help you sell more cars.

Please check out these real world examples. 

We have hundreds more examples if you need them. Also, do not forget : zero obligation. I will visit your store, answer all your team’s questions, and most important, measure your available space to ensure a perfect installation.

What Can We Learn from eBay Motors?

What Can We Learn from eBay Motors?

eBay’s own research:

  • In 2015, eBay conducted a study comparing listings with professional photos to those with basic or no photos. While not specific to eBay Motors, they found that listings with professional photos received 47% more views, 34% more bids, and sold for 19% more on average. This provides a general indication of the positive impact professional photos can have.

Third-party studies:

  • A 2017 study by BigCommerce found that products with high-quality photos saw a 21% increase in conversion rates compared to those with low-quality photos. This translates directly to increased sales.
  • A 2023 study by Bazaarvoice showed that 75% of consumers consider product images the most important factor in their online purchasing decisions. This highlights the critical role visuals play in influencing buyer behavior.

Anecdotal evidence:

  • Numerous eBay sellers, including those specializing in cars and motorcycles, report significant increases in sales and brand image after investing in professional photography for their listings. This anecdotal evidence supports the potential benefits observed in research data.

Additional factors:

  • Improved search ranking: eBay’s search algorithm factors in image quality. Listings with high-quality photos are more likely to rank higher in search results, increasing visibility and attracting more potential buyers.
  • Reduced buyer uncertainty: Detailed and professional photos showcase the condition and features of the vehicle more accurately, reducing buyer uncertainty and the risk of returns. This can lead to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.
  • Professionalism and trust: High-quality studio photos evoke a sense of professionalism and care, boosting trust and confidence in potential buyers. This can be particularly important for high-value items like cars and motorcycles.

While the exact percentage increase from professional studio photos on eBay Motors may not be publicly available, the evidence from various sources strongly suggests a positive and significant impact on sales. Considering the increased views, bids, conversion rates, and buyer trust, investing in professional photos can be a valuable strategy for eBay Motors sellers.

Remember, the benefits of high-quality photos extend beyond immediate sales. Building a strong brand image and fostering customer trust can lead to long-term success and repeat business.

Car dealerships can benefit in a number of ways from using a 360Booth to shoot photos of their vehicles.

Car dealerships can benefit in a number of ways from using a 360Booth to shoot photos of their vehicles.

Higher quality photos: 360Booths use specialized equipment and software to capture high-resolution photos of vehicles from all angles. This results in photos that are much sharper and more detailed than traditional photos.

More immersive experience: 360Booth photos allow potential buyers to virtually explore a vehicle as if they were standing right next to it. This gives buyers a better sense of the vehicle’s size, shape, and features.

Increased online engagement: 360Booth photos are more engaging than traditional photos, and they are more likely to keep potential buyers on a dealership’s website. This can lead to more leads and sales.

Improved brand awareness and trust: Using a 360Booth to shoot photos of their vehicles shows that dealerships are investing in cutting-edge technology and that they are committed to providing potential buyers with the best possible experience. This can help to improve brand awareness and trust.

Here are some specific examples of how car dealerships are using 360booth photo studio with their camera, SHOOT it ai to benefit their businesses:

  • Increased sales: One dealership reported a 20% increase in sales after they started using a 360Booth to shoot photos of their vehicles.
  • Reduced time to sell: Another dealership reported that the average time it took to sell a vehicle decreased by 15% after they started using a 360Booth

Overall, 360Booth photos can be a valuable asset for car dealerships. By using a 360Booth to shoot high-quality, immersive photos with the SHOOT it AI camera of their vehicles, dealerships can increase sales, reduce time to sell, and improve customer satisfaction.

In addition to the benefits listed above, 360Booth photos can also help car dealerships to:

  • Stand out from the competition: Many car dealerships still use traditional photos shooting outside and using fake backgrounds to market their vehicles. By using a 360Booth, dealerships can differentiate themselves from the competition and attract more attention from potential buyers.
  • Build trust with customers: 360Booth photos give potential buyers a better sense of the vehicle’s condition. This can help to build trust and make buyers more likely to purchase a vehicle from the dealership.

Overall, 360Booth combined with SHOOT it ai smart camera can be a valuable asset for car dealerships of all sizes.

By investing in a 360Booth, dealerships can improve their sales, marketing, and customer service.

How Can Bad Car Photos Affect Sales?

How Can Bad Car Photos Affect Sales?

Dealers who do not invest in high-quality photos of their inventory can suffer significant sales consequences. Here are some of the negative impacts that poor car photos can have on a dealership’s sales:

  1. Reduced online engagement: Poor car photos can make potential buyers less likely to click on and view a dealership’s online listings. This is because consumers are more likely to be drawn to listings with high-quality, visually appealing images.
  2. Decreased trust and credibility: Poor car photos can make a dealership appear unprofessional and untrustworthy. This is because consumers may perceive that the dealership is not taking the sale of its vehicles seriously if it is not investing in quality photography.
  3. Increased time to sell: Poor car photos can make it take longer for a dealership to sell its vehicles. This is because potential buyers may not be interested in a vehicle if they cannot see it clearly and from multiple angles.
  4. Higher returns and customer dissatisfaction: Poor car photos can lead to more returns and customer dissatisfaction. This is because consumers may be disappointed with the condition of the vehicle when they see it in person after only seeing poor-quality photos online.
  5. Reduced brand perception: Poor car photos can damage a dealership’s brand perception. This is because consumers may associate the dealership with being unprofessional and not having high-quality vehicles.

Studies have shown that high-quality photos can significantly increase car sales. For example, a study by AutoTrader found that dealerships that use high-quality photos sell their cars 20% faster than dealerships that use poor-quality photos. Another study by found that 70% of car buyers said that high-quality photos are the most important factor when considering a car purchase.

In addition to the negative sales impacts, poor car photos can also lead to increased costs for dealerships. This is because dealerships may have to spend more money on marketing and advertising to compensate for the poor quality of their photos. Dealerships may also have to spend more time dealing with returns and customer dissatisfaction.

Overall, it is clear that high-quality photos are essential for any dealership that wants to be successful. Dealerships that invest in professional photography will be able to sell more cars, build trust with their customers, and improve their brand perception.

Poor Car Images Equal Lost Consumer Trust

Poor Car Images Equal Lost Consumer Trust

Here are some additional details about how poor car images can affect consumer trust and brand perception, along with some supporting evidence:

Imperfect ai vehicle segmentation

Imperfect segmentation can make the car look unprofessional or fake, leading to distrust of the dealership. This is because it can make the car appear to be floating in mid-air or have missing pieces, which can make it look like the dealership is trying to hide something from potential buyers.

A study by the University of California, Berkeley found that imperfect ai segmentation was one of the most common issues with AI-generated car images. The study found that imperfect segmentation can make the car look “unrealistic and unprofessional,” which can lead to “distrust of the dealership.”

Poor lighting

Poor lighting can make it difficult for consumers to see the true condition of the car, leading to dissatisfaction and potential returns. This is because it can make the car look older, more damaged, or less appealing than it actually is with clouds, trees and other reflections.

A study by J.D. Power found that 87% of car buyers said that good lighting is important when considering a car purchase. The study also found that 73% of car buyers said that they would be less likely to buy a car if the photos were poorly lit.

Unrealistic reflections

Unrealistic reflections can make the car look unrealistic or fake, leading to distrust of the dealership. This is because they can make the car appear to be in a different environment than it actually is, or they can make the car look like it has been tampered with.

A study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research found that unrealistic reflections were another common issue with AI-generated car images. The study found that unrealistic reflections can make the car look “unprofessional and unrealistic,” which can lead to “distrust of the dealership.”

Overall, poor car images can have a significant negative impact on consumer trust and brand perception. This is why it is important for dealerships to use high-quality car images that are realistic, professional, and well-lit.

The Evolution of Our Intelligent Camera in Car Photography

The Evolution of Our Intelligent Camera in Car Photography

Over our 26 years in the car photography industry, technology advances have tremendously improved how we capture vehicles today versus the early days. We’ve come a long way from the crude methods of the past, shooting vehicle with Sony’s Mavica camera using floppy disks. We’ve inspired our team at 360Booth and now SHOOT it ai to solve real photography problems using smart AI, CV and automation.

Sony Mavica camera and floppy disks

The Path from Memory to AI

Initially, photographers had to rely solely on visual memory to manually remember shots and adjust things like lighting and zoom. This created inconsistent quality, lengthy times of shooting and required lengthy training. That’s why we developed the pioneering 360Booth Photo Studio and our new SHOOT it ai smart camera to standardize conditions. However, photographers were still left to figure out specifics.

Introducing our patented SHOOT it ai smart Camera.

Our intelligent on-screen guidance takes the guesswork out of car photography. Let’s break down how it works:

  • Dynamic shot instructions guide to exact photo locations needed
  • A visual WTF (what’s the focus) button queues sample reference photos for any angle
  • Auto-adjustment of lights/apertures as conditions change
  • Preset and self-configured zooms to perfectly frame vehicles

The Results? Consistent Professional Photos in Half the Time.

By leveraging intelligent assistance, photographers require far less time and training to produce flawless photos. This camera guides users through lighting corrections, zoom directing and image enhancement automatically in real-time. For dealerships, this tech allows capturing pro product photos with very limited training.

car images taken with the patented SHOOT it ai smart Camera

The Future of Automotive Imaging

While our patented 360Booth studios remain essential, our new SHOOT it ai smart camera intelligence takes it to the next level. As cameras continue evolving, our team strives to further simply complex photography tasks through AI. Just imagine built-in background reflection removal, automated window whitewashing and more! We look forward to advancing how auto dealers make vehicles shine through images with increasing smart enhancements down the road.

The Power of Great Photos in Online Vehicle Sales

The Power of Great Photos in Online Vehicle Sales

In today’s digital age, buying a vehicle often begins with an online search. Potential customers scroll through websites and listings, viewing photo after photo as they evaluate makes and models. That’s why in online vehicle sales, quality images are critical.

According to 360Booth, using top-notch photos can increase sales by up to 38%. But what makes a vehicle photo “great” for catching buyers’ eyes?

It Starts With Production Value

Simply snapping a quick phone pic in dim garage lighting does little to inspire buyers or highlight a vehicle’s best attributes. With 360Booth photo studio solution, vehicles are captured in a professional studio environment specially crafted just for cars. 360Booth it all for clear, dramatic, high-quality shots.

blue sedan in car photo booth

The Focus is on Showcasing the Vehicle

360Booth focuses solely on making the vehicle look its absolute best. Flaws disappear while stand-out features shine when done by studio pros. The car itself steals the spotlight.

Consistency Sells the Brand

Maintaining consistent quality, angles and formatting across all vehicle photos creates a professional, premium presentation. With 360Booth in use at 1,400+ dealerships in 6 countries and counting, they’re setting the standard for vehicle photo studios everywhere. And these great photos help sell more cars thanks to their polished, attention-grabbing appeal.

So when amazing photos boost clicks, engagement and sales, 360Booth achieving photography excellence simple. Contact their team today to learn more about their patented photo studio and how it translates to online success.

SIlver SUV photo booth