360Booth at NADA Show 2024

360Booth at NADA Show 2024

360Booth displaying at NADA Show 2024 in New Orleans can offer several key features that are particularly beneficial for auto dealerships:

  1. Professional Quality and Consistency: A vehicle photo studio like 360Booth provides a controlled environment with professional lighting, ensuring that every vehicle is presented in the best possible light, regardless of external weather conditions. This results in high-quality, consistent images that are crucial for online listings. 
  2. Efficiency and Speed: With features such as AI-driven camera systems and proprietary software, a vehicle photo studio can significantly streamline the photography process. This allows for quick capturing of images from all angles without the need for manual repositioning of the vehicle, saving time and increasing productivity.
  3. Enhanced Online Engagement: High-resolution images that showcase a vehicle’s features in detail can increase the time potential buyers spend on a dealership’s website. Quality images are known to build trust with customers and are considered essential by a majority of consumers in their decision-making process.
Truck in a 360Booth truck photo studio

These features not only improve the visual presentation of the inventory but also enhance the overall efficiency of the dealership’s operations and boost customer engagement and confidence. Showcasing such a system at a prominent event like the NADA Show can attract attention from dealerships looking to upgrade their technology and stay competitive in the market.

Car Photographer in a 360Booth
360Booth in a warehouse
360Booth is The Automotive Industry’s Premier Photo Studio Solution

360Booth is The Automotive Industry’s Premier Photo Studio Solution

360Booth features the first patented car dealer photo studio. In the past 10 years we’ve installed our studios in over 1400 locations in six countries to very enthusiastic automobile dealers.

This innovative system eliminates the need for manual repositioning the vehicle during the photography process. Combining Cutting Edge professional lighting and ai, the computer vision camera to optimized photo taken, 360Booth renders ultra-high quality visuals of inventory from all angles.

Enhancing this seamless photography workflow is 360Booth’s SHOOT it ai proprietary software. SHOOT it ai ensures consistently flawless results by using artificial intelligence to automate optimal camera positioning, settings, and zoom for every shot.

The AI removes human error and redundant rework, delivering a complete photoshoot in a fraction of the time. The streamlined process also enables dealers to scale production as inventory expands.

360Booth enables dealerships to showcase vehicles at their best visually, attract more online engagement, and maximize productivity. See the groundbreaking system in action at our trade show booth!