Poor dealership photography can have negative consequences for your online car sales and customer satisfaction. Some of the possible effects are:

Lower visibility:

Search engines may reject or rank lower your photos if they are of poor quality, have overlays, or contain irrelevant text¹. This means fewer potential buyers will see your inventory online.

Lower interest:

Buyers want to see clear, detailed, and attractive photos of the cars they are considering. Poor photos may not capture their attention or showcase the features of the vehicle. This may reduce the number of leads and inquiries you receive.

Lower trust:

Poor photos may communicate that your dealership does not show great attention to detail and does not prioritize the customer experience. Buyers may question the credibility and professionalism of your dealership and the quality of your cars.

Lower conversion:

Poor photos may create a mismatch between the online and in-person experience of the car. Buyers may be disappointed or frustrated if the car does not look as good as they expected from the photos. This may lead to lower sales and customer retention.

To avoid these consequences, you should invest in high-quality dealership photography that represents your cars accurately and attractively. You could purchase a vehicle photo studio that uses optimal lighting and backgrounds, edit your photos moderately, and follow the best practices for online car shopping. This way, you can increase your online visibility, interest, trust, and conversion.

Interior of a sports car with yellow leather seats