360Booth. I installed and designed 360Booth. About the installation, it was critical that I did the first 200 installs by myself. I packed them; I built them; I palletized them; I shipped them and installed.

Once I learned the entire process, I found, from my photo service of 23 years, four of the most amazing, highly-detailed individuals. We’d leave from Tampa, FL, on a Monday. We typically get to the average store around 11:00 in the morning, Monday. They get right to work. They’ll do a 10, 12, 13-hour day and deliver that studio to you on Wednesday afternoon. Once that happens, we are going to request all the managers and photographers to be there, and we are going to train your individuals. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes. They’ve done this before, and we just have to show them the subtleties of the light. We can stay four hours. If that doesn’t work, after the three-day install, Monday to Wednesday, I’ll fly in at no cost and train your guys.