1. Consistency and Quality

The 360Booth has revolutionized the way dealerships capture car photos for 10 years. Here’s how:

  • Eliminating Lighting Challenges: Traditional outdoor photography often struggles with inconsistent lighting due to changing weather conditions. The 360Booth, however, provides a controlled indoor environment where lighting remains constant. Say goodbye to harsh shadows or overexposed highlights!
  • Consistent Results: With the 360Booth vehicle photo studio, every vehicle photo benefits from the same professional lighting setup. Whether it’s sunny, rainy or snowing, your car images will maintain a consistent, high-quality look.

2. Efficiency and Speed

  • Streamlined Workflow: Moving cars around for outdoor shots, waiting 2 minutes for a turntable to spin or it failing can be time-consuming. The 360Booth eliminates this hassle. Simply drive the vehicle in the 360Booth, push the studio where you need the best lighting and start shooting. It’s simple design allows you to capture more photos in less time.
  • Optimized Photography: The 360Booth’s computer vision smart camera ensures optimal lighting, coloring and framing. No need to fiddle with tripods or adjust lighting—just focus on capturing the car’s best features.

3. Enhanced Customer Confidence

4. Additional Benefits

  • Flexibility: The 360Booth isn’t limited to still photos. It can also capture 360-degree photos and videos. Showcase every angle of the car effortlessly.
  • Professional Branding: Each photo can prominently feature your dealership’s logo and corporate identity. It’s not just about the car; it’s about reinforcing your brand.
Red SUV in a branded 360Booth


The 360Booth Vehicle Photo Studio isn’t just a solution—it’s a competitive edge. By enhancing photo quality, streamlining processes, and boosting customer confidence, it empowers dealerships to shine in the marketplace. So, if you’re looking for the best way to showcase your inventory, the 360Booth is the answer.

Remember, it’s not just about cars; it’s about creating an unforgettable visual experience for your customers.

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