How long does it take to get a studio installed?

How long does it take for a 360Booth to be installed? Three days, with training. We ship the studio to the spot five days prior. We fly in somebody from Tampa early Monday morning. They laser-level the track and install all the track and the flooring on Monday. Even by Monday night, they’re assembling the structure. Wednesday, it is completely done, with logos if you want them. There’s training, and then he’s back home.

It’s that easy. It takes three days to install a 360Booth.

What kind of truck will the studio arrive in?

We ship 360Booth all over the world. For that reason, the pallet has to be incredibly durable. For one, it’s 12 feet long, four feet wide. When it is fully installed on the pallet, it’s 1800 pounds.

What kind of truck typically shows up? A semi-truck with a 40-foot container. That’s why we require a forklift. The reason we want a forklift is that we don’t want anybody hurt, pushing it around. So a forklift is absolutely required.

There are some cases where new construction can’t get the truck there. There are some other things. Just call us, and I’ll walk you through every scenario.

What kind of truck shows up to a 360Booth delivery? A semi-truck, typically a 40 footer. We will be very clear in our process to make sure you have the sharpest time for delivery so there is no time wasted at your store. Just be clear and transparent with us, and it’s a smooth process.

Why will I need a forklift?

Do you need a forklift? Well, it’s quite obvious.The pallet is 1800 pounds,12 feet long, four feet wide. This is an extremely-built custom pallet that we build and manufacture in Dallas.

You need a forklift so no one gets hurt. You need a forklift so you can lift 1800 pounds to your location and move it.

So, why do you need a forklift? It makes life simple.